Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding in Christchurch

Composite bonding is the addition of tooth coloured filling material to improve the shape and appearance of the teeth..

  • What does the Treatment Involve?Open or Close

    We will first assess your suitability. For simple cases local anaesthetic may not even be needed. The teeth to be bonded are polished and dried, then composite is carefully placed, sometimes in layers in order to achieve the correct appearance. The composite is then set hard with a blue curing light. The final stage is polishing the material to the correct shine for your teeth.

  • Who can have Composite Bonding?Open or Close

    Composite bonding is kind to your teeth as it usually involves no or very minimal removal of existing enamel or dentine.

  • Composite bonding is commonly used in the following situations:Open or Close

    Worn teeth: Composite bonding is particularly useful in people who have worn their teeth down with exposed dentine.

    People who have gaps between their teeth: Gaps can be unsightly if at the front or cause food to get stuck if at the back. We can use a system called ‘Bioclear’ to help achieve the correct contours and appearance in these situations.

    After tooth whitening: To really enhance your smile once the teeth have been whitened any worn or missing enamel can be replaced to match the new colour of your teeth.

    After Invisalign: If your teeth or a single tooth is misshapen it can be built up to match your other front teeth.

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Composite Bonding