General Dentistry

The general dental treatments offered by Hoburne Dental Practice, Christchurch

We hope that routine examinations and Hygiene treatments are the only work you will ever need by us! We believe in a preventative approach where possible and like to start our patients as young as possible to ensure that their mouths are as healthy as possible. However there are occasions where it is necessary to have routine treatment in order to repair decayed or broken teeth.

  • Tooth Decay and RestorationsOpen or Close

    Tooth decay thankfully is not as common as it once was. With correct oral hygiene, a sensible diet and regular examinations at the dentist it is possible to be decay free for life.

    The first signs of decay appear as a white spot (figure 1). This can usually be monitored and treated successfully at home. Once this develops (figure 2) It is possible to treat this without the need for a filling but using a high content fluoride varnish and home care. If this area is left untreated this could become decayed (figure 3) which will need to be treated by a filling.

    Decay occurs in difficult to reach places which may not be noticed for example in-between teeth which can get underneath existing fillings and only become apparent at your next examination or when you get tooth ache. Look at this case study:

    Small area of decay between teeth on previously restored molar tooth.

  • Silver or White fillings?Open or Close

    Having white or silver (amalgam) fillings is a personal preference. For a long time white fillings were rarely placed in back teeth because they were not durable enough. Technology has changed all that and white fillings in back teeth are just as effective as silver ones. Because white fillings require slightly longer to place they are slightly more expensive. If you would like separate quotes for white or silver fillings please ask at reception.

  • Other benefits of White filling materialOpen or Close

    Occasionally it may be possible to close gaps between teeth using white composite filling material without the need to crown both front teeth. In this case study the patient’s gap (diastema) is wide (figure 1).

    Careful place of white composite material builds up both front teeth to create the look of a natural, well-aligned set of teeth (figure 2).

  • ChildrenOpen or Close

    We carry out free examinations on children under the age of 5 years whose parents come to the practice. We will recommend either 6 monthly or annual examinations depending on their age and risk of decay. From the age of six upwards we continually assess a child’s need for orthodontic treatment and will make a referral to a local orthodontic specialist where appropriate.

    Many of our children who require fillings see Leianne our excellent Dental Therapist for treatment. We recommend that children under the age of 7 brush twice daily with no more than a pea sized amount of children’s toothpaste. Children 7 years old and over can use an adult toothpaste twice daily.


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